How Many Layers Do You Need for Sub-Zero Weather?

How Many Layers Do You Need for Sub-Zero Weather?

Norwegians have a saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” Norwegians thrive in a harsh climate, proving that dressing for the weather can keep you safe and warm even on the coldest days.

Ideally, you should wear three layers and additional protective accessories in the extreme cold. Read on to discover more about how many layers you need for sub-zero weather.

Start With the Base Layer

The first layer you put on is the base layer, which some call thermal underwear or long underwear. The base layer’s fabric should wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry.

Base layers come in three fabric weight classes: lightweight, midweight, and ultraweight. Ultraweight provides the greatest resistance to extreme cold and wind chill. Some people don’t feel the need to wear leggings at all when the weather is not so cold, but for sub-zero temperatures, don’t skip the ultraweight leggings.

Add a Warm Mid-Layer

The next layer you need for sub-zero weather is a warm mid-layer. This apparel will help retain heat close to your body and shouldn’t restrict your movement.

Choose a mid-layer made with wool, synthetics, or fleece. Fleece doesn’t perform quite as well as other options when it gets wet, so if you’re going to be active and working up a sweat, you might prefer wool.

Pullovers, hoodies, and zippered sweatshirts are excellent mid-layer tops. Wear wool or fleece mid-layer pants to protect your legs.

Top With Outerwear

The final layer is outerwear, also called the outer shell. The outer shell protects you from water, snow, and wind.

No matter how well you’ve layered your garments, if the snow soaks through your clothing, you will get cold quickly and be unable to warm up until you get back indoors. Wear waterproof outerwear rather than water-resistant outerwear, which does not provide enough protection.

Nylon and polyester outer shells are durable and waterproof. Check the temperature rating on each item’s clothing label to make an appropriate selection.

Put on Winter Accessories

Your arms, legs, and core aren’t the only body parts you need to protect from the cold. Wear accessories to leave as little skin as possible exposed to the air.

Cover your hands with gloves or mittens. Gloves allow you to move your fingers more effectively, but mittens provide more warmth.

Thick socks and waterproof boots with good traction will keep your feet warm and help prevent falls. Wear a beanie to prevent heat from escaping the top of your head, and wrap your neck with a scarf.

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