How Often Should You Wash Your Base Layers?

How Often Should You Wash Your Base Layers?

Washing base layers at the right time and in the right way will keep the fabric fresh and effective. Read to learn how often you should wash your base layers.

Wash After Two or Three Wears

How often you should wash your base layers depends on your activity, how long you wear the layers, your perspiration rate, and your personal preference. Some people wash their base layers after every wear, while some people wash their base layers after multiple periods of prolonged use.

But in general, it's best to wash your layers after two or three wears. Base layers have antimicrobial properties, so they don't get dirty like knit textiles do. Unless you've perspired a lot, washing after two or three wears will still keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Consider the Fabric Type and Weight

Fabric is another consideration when deciding how often you should wash your base layers. Base layers have wool, silk, or synthetic fabric. Snow Angel's base layers feature a synthetic material that blends polyester and spandex. The combination creates antimicrobial, moisture-wicking apparel with a little stretch for comfort.

Base layers can be lightweight or heavier and offer varying degrees of warmth. Different percentages of polyester and spandex in the fabric create these effects.

Follow Care Instructions on the Label

Keep your clothes looking their best by following the care instructions on the label. You can machine wash most types of base layers at a low temperature. Care instructions will also let you know if you can hand-rinse your apparel, extending wear time between full washes.

Hang-drying base layers is best if you want to avoid heat damage from the dryer. Avoid drying in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. Don’t iron base layers because the high heat will destroy the fabric.

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