Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Customer Guide


Preseason Orders

  • Snow Angel® requests a 30-day shipping window.
  • Preseason orders placed by our preseason deadline are eligible for special terms and programs. See Terms and Price Sheet for details.
  • Credit applications must be signed, received and approved by Snow Angel® before new accounts can be shipped on terms. Even if you have your own internal credit reference sheet, we ask you to sign our credit application along with that information so that we have your written authorization to contact your references, thank you.
  • For preseason orders with start ship dates prior to 10/15, all revisions and cancellation requests must be received in writing no less than 14 days prior to the start ship date. For preseason orders with start ship dates of 10/15 or later, all revisions and cancellations requests must be received in writing no less than 7 days prior to the start ship date. Snow Angel® ships preseason orders from our warehouse no more than 2 weeks ahead of the start ship date. Please specify “Do Not Ship Early” if this is not acceptable.
  • Snow Angel® can accept “bulk orders” that will receive corresponding individual store location “breakouts” at a later date. For “bulk orders” with start ship dates prior to 10/15, Snow Angel® requires receipt of the breakouts no less than 21 days prior to the start ship date to insure on time delivery. For “bulk orders” with start ship dates of 10/15 or later, Snow Angel® requires receipt of the breakouts no less than 14 days prior to the start ship date to insure on time delivery. Failure to comply may result in the need to ask for an extension of the start and cancel d Any requests to change “bulk orders” need to be received in writing no less than 30 days prior to the start ship date for orders with start ship dates prior to 11/1 and no less than 14 days for orders with start ship dates of 11/1 or later. Following these lead times will give Snow Angel® adequate time to pack the units for each of the individual delivery locations.
  • In Season At-Once Delivery Orders
  • In season orders are any orders received after our preseason deadline. Any In Season orders received prior to 10/15 for At-Once delivery require a 14-day shipping window from the time credit is approved. In season orders received after 10/15 for At-Once delivery require a 3-business day shipping window from the time credit is approved.


  • Snow Angel® makes significant effort to ship your order on the start ship date, complete and without the need for a backorder to be created.
  • In those cases where a backorder is created, it will remain in the system until shipped or cancelled. All backorders not shipped within 60 days of the requested ship date will be cancelled unless an earlier cancellation is requested in writing by the customer.



Universal Product Codes (UPC)

  • All UPC code information is available on our B2B website. If you need a login, please email your request to sales@snow-angel.com You can also find UPC code data on our E-Order form and available to sell reports.
  • All Snow Angel® products have a scan ready UPC bar code attached to the packaging and/or hang tag. Snow Angel® reserves the right for a 2% error rate in UPC encoding or readability.
  • Chargebacks for incorrect UPC coding are not allowed.

Custom Merchandise and/or UPC Ticketing

  • Snow Angel® has taken great care in setting reliable procedures for
    processing custom tagging requests. Snow Angel® limits the liability of chargebacks to the cost charged to the customer for the service requested. In the unlikely event of an error, Snow Angel® cannot be held responsible for any additional service fees, re-handling charges or lost profits.
  • Snow Angel® has revised the pre-ticketing policy to include charges for this service. Please see your rep or contact customer service for details.
  • Pre-ticketing services need to be requested at the time orders are submitted and the orders need to be submitted by our preseason order deadline.
  • Customer supplied tickets must be provided to Snow Angel® at least 30 days prior to the start ship date of the orders.
  • To allow for damaged tickets, please provide a 10% overage of tickets (no less than 10%, no more than 50%).
  • In the event Snow Angel® is not supplied with enough stickers to completely sticker the order, the un-stickered product may be packed separately, and the box marked “Un-stickered Product”.


  • Snow Angel® will, from time to time, change the graphics, dimensions and/or materials of packaging. These are “rolling changes” that flow through our inventory and distribution. When possible, Snow Angel® will provide new packaging.
  • If you would like replacement packaging, there is a charge for this. Please contact customer service to discuss options.



Traffic Routing

  • Freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers who designate specific LTL or truckload carriers must assure that their freight will be picked up in a timely manner. Once routing is requested and provided, freight must be picked up from our facility no later than 48 hours after the routing has been provided. Late pickup may result in freight being moved to a storage facility or routing via a carrier of our choice. Storage costs will be incurred.
  • If specific carriers or shipping accounts are to be used with your order, please send routing instructions to sales@snow-angel.com 30 days prior to your start ship .
  • If a designated carrier is not specified, Snow Angel® will choose the carrier at its discretion.
  • If a carrier is used other than the one designated on the order, or in the customer vendor guide, Snow Angel® limits liability only to the difference in freight amounts.
  • Title of goods transfers to the customer upon shipment from Snow Angel® warehouse facilities (FOB North Carolina). Snow Angel® will assist in filing of claims for lost or damaged freight upon request. Lost or damaged freight is not grounds for late or non-payment of invoice by the due date.

Carton Packing

  • A copy of the packing slip is located on or in the first carton of the shipment. Multiple cartons are numbered in a “1 of X” format to assist in tracking.
  • Products are packed as efficiently as possible for safe passage and freight reduction purposes. In some instances, paper or plastic may be used to divide or protect product inside the carton.
  • Products required to be packed by SKU may require additional handling charges for the increased packaging usage.

EDI Transmission

  • Snow Angel® requires a minimum retail store order volume of $25,000 per season for EDI services.
  • Snow Angel® will cover the initial EDI setup and any related charges. Any subsequent charges initiated by customer will be charged back at cost to the customer.




  • Every order is given a quality check for accuracy prior to shipment. Each box is weighed and entered into our manifest systems. The information that we compile enables us to accurately analyze disputed shipments. Snow Angel® will thoroughly research each disputed shipment and a decision will be made based upon actual recorded data.
  • Shipping discrepancies, i.e., any errors in the quantity of the products received, must be reported to Customer Service within 30 days after receipt of your order.
  • There will be no adjustments considered if notification of discrepancies is past the 30-day deadline.
  • After Snow Angel® has researched a disputed shipment and shortage or mis-shipment is evident, a replacement order is shipped without freight cost to the customer.
  • No deductions on an invoice will be honored. A $50 penalty will be charged for a deduction from an invoice for an unresolved discrepancy. The outstanding balance, if overdue, is subject to finance charges.



Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Snow Angel® products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty that covers defects of workmanship and materials but does not cover damage due to improper use or care, negligence, acts of God, normal wear and tear, modifications/alterations or extensive exposure to extreme conditions. This warranty is subject to inspection and approval by Snow Angel®. Snow Angel® may choose to repair or replace the item at the discretion of Snow Angel®.

Return Authorization Number

  • All returns must have a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER displayed prominently on the outside of the package. The number is assigned by calling our Customer Service Department at 800-468-2445.
  • The authorization expires 30 days from the date the return authorization number is issued and is valid only for the type and quantity of products for which it was issued.
  • If merchandise is returned without a valid, unexpired return authorization number on the outside of the box, the merchandise will be refused.

Disposition of Returns

  • No return authorization will be issued for discontinued styles, colors or prints unless the return is due to manufacturers defect.
  • Defective merchandise will be replaced only if it’s in the current product line.
  • Snow Angel® will pay freight on inbound and outbound shipment of
    replacement product for mis-ships or defective merchandise returns.
  • For returns or exchanges of product that are not associated with mis-ships or defective merchandise, the customer is responsible for both inbound and outbound freight.




  • All orders are subject to credit approval by Snow Angel®.
  • Invoices are sent via email. Please submit an accounts payable email address with your order. Contact sales@snow-angel.com for any changes.
  • Invoice numbers should be noted on or attached to your check.
    • Checks should be mailed to: Performance Apparel LLC, PO Box 2716, Southern Pines NC, 28388

Unauthorized Deductions

  • Any authorized credit must be deducted from your invoice during the
    current sales season.
  • All unauthorized deductions are subject to a $50.00 unauthorized deduction Deductions cannot be taken from invoices unless approved in writing by Snow Angel®.


  • Credit Applications must be received and approved by Snow Angel® before new accounts can be shipped on terms.
  • Value of returned product cannot be deducted from payment due.
  • If an invoice is past due, credit will not be extended for any unshipped orders. Unshipped orders will be held until account is current and in good standing.
  • Accounts with past due invoices will be sent to collections after 90 days.
  • Late payment will result in a service charge of 1% per month, which is equal to 12% per annum. Interest will be charged to and be paid by the customer after the agreed time limit. The customer will pay all fees related to returned accounts referred to a third party or a court for collection and this, without prejudice to the sellers right to request immediate payment.

Credit Memos

  • In the case of a human error in the fulfillment or invoicing of your order, we will do everything possible to correct the situation at our expense. We cannot agree to arbitrary chargebacks or fees. If there is a problem with your order, please contact our Customer Service Department, within 30 days of receipt of the order, at 800-468-2445.

Returned Checks

  • All returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee.