Simple Tips for What To Wear When Camping in the Fall

Simple Tips for What To Wear When Camping in the Fall

Fall is one of the best times for camping. Because temperatures are a bit lower than in summer but not absolutely freezing, it pleasant to spend time outside. Fall presents a fun and memorable opportunity for you and your family members and friends to spend time together in a beautiful location.

However, staying protected and warm during your camping trip is crucial. So let’s review a few simple tips for what to wear when fall camping so that you and your party can stay warm. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a hot cup of coffee along the lakeside in the early morning in your cozy fall camping clothing.

Make Use of Layers

Sometimes a sweater won’t cut it for chilly nights around the campfire. That’s especially true if you experience unexpected weather changes and storms. When considering what to pack for your camping trip, ensure that you bring appropriate clothing layers that keep you protected and warm.

There are three types of layers: base, middle, and outer. The base layer, also known as the underwear layer, helps wick sweat off you and provides breathability. The middle layer, also known as the insulating layer, helps retain body heat and prevent discomfort from the cold. Lastly, the outer layer, or shell layer, protects you from rain and wind.

Cover Your Hands and Head

Another clothing tip for what to wear when camping in the fall is to protect your head and hands from weather conditions. Heat escapes quickly from your head, so it’s essential that you wear proper head protection like hats and knit caps. Moreover, wearing mittens or gloves can keep your fingers warm and mobile during cold nights.

Protect Your Feet

Wearing thin shoes or sandals can easily make your feet cold when you’re camping in the fall. So invest in a good pair of hiking socks and boots to keep your feet protected. Additionally, you don’t want to risk cold, wet skin, so moisture-wicking socks and waterproof shoes or boots will be your best allies.

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